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Nottingham engine carbon cleaning are a main dealer for the Nottingham area. We offer expertise in hydrogen technology. Offering a fully mobile service to carry out carbon cleaning and diagnostics. With great customer service and superb product knowledge Nottingham engine carbon cleaning are the people to talk too.

What do you do ?

We offer engine carbon cleaning. This is a 1 hour process. Reducing your carbon build up in the engine means it runs better. It also means that components like Turbo’s DPF and EGR last longer. The simple 1 hour process involves no stripping of your engine. Our high performance machine does the work. With only a hose pipe connected to your vehicles air intake this really is a worthwhile thing to do. Furthermore this can be done at your home or place of work with the minimum of fuss.

Why does this happen ?

Every combustion engine petrol or diesel suffers with carbon build up. This has a detrimental effect on power, performance and fuel efficiency. Our carbon cleaning treatment will safely and effectively clean your vehicles complete combustion and inlet system while removing the build-up of carbon. Leaving your engine running smoother and quieter with improved throttle response regained torque performance and often fuel efficiency and reducing your engines emissions considerably.


Extend the life of your engine and avoid expensive repairs. Most garages will agree that major component failure these days is mainly down to carbon build up. Getting your engine carbon cleaned regularly will improve this dramatically. Saving you valuable time and keeping you on the road.

How is this done ?

Our service works by using our machine to carry out an effective and efficient clean to your engine. Meaning that your car will drive better. Furthermore our skilled technicians can provide advice to get you the correct service and products to keep you on the road.

The process is simple and dose not involve stripping any engine components. All that is required is for a small pipe to be connected to the air intake on your engine. And our machine does the rest.
Environmentally friendly; No harmful chemicals used!
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Nottingham engine carbon cleaning

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