Postal ECU services

Postal ECU services

With our postal ecu services  we can remove the complete data from your original ecu to a replacement from most edc16 ecu’s. Has your ecu become damaged after a bad remap ? Or maybe has become faulty. It may not always be possible. Then we can install either the original software or remap it correctly for you. We can also data transfer from your original ecu to a replacement. We can also delete immobilisers and change or repair damaged software on most ecu’s.  These are just some of the services we can provide.

ECU’s we cover

We cover most makes and models of ecu’s. We can remove the immobiliser for any of the VAG edc15 / edc16 and many edc17 ecu’s and other manufacturers are also possible but please email with details. You may have a damaged ecu and want to purchase another which would either need coded. We can enable the ecu to work on any vehicle by removing the immobiliser for good. In addition to this we can offer a remapping to any of these ecu’s price on request. Furthermore we can virginise many ecu’s ready to be coded to the vehicle.

What you need to do ?

Firstly you need to look at your ecu and send us the details from the front or a picture of it is sometimes better. Sending this by email to Then we can make sure it’s one we can do using postal ecu services edc16. At this stage we will send you how and where to send the ecu. These are not sent to our registered office but to our workshop. Once we have your ecu it will be tested on our test bench first to make sure it is working. Then we will safe all data from the ecu. Using our specialist tooling and software we will then be able to recode it to run with the need for the immobiliser if. We also test the ecu after this process to make sure it is correct before sending it back to you by Royal Mail or Parcelforce fully tracked. Remember we will charge for return delivery on top of the charge for the work being carried out. If you need more info or for trade customers please email us and one of our team will be happy to discuss your requirements further.

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