DPF Cleaning Highlands


DPF cleaning Highlands

DPF cleaning Highlands is available through ECS direct or through our dealer network. We offer a fully mobile service to trade customers. To enable us to provide this service we have been doing DPF cleaning longer than anyone and have our own world leading ECS Ultimate DPF cleaning fluid. This is a full service we provide including the correct diagnosis of the issue. You may have a sensor issue or another fault but rest assured we can find and resolve your problem quickly and without fuss.

DPF assessment

This is key to understanding and proving to you the customer  what is actually wrong. We never suggest to get anything done just because it makes us money. With over 30 years experience and as the manufacturer of our equipment we do the right thing every time. The DPF assessment is vital to proving your vehicles issue and indeed to proving what we have done has worked. All done with the latest in diagnostic equipment and test procedures we can pin point the problem. The DPF assessment is a very cheap and cost effective way of finding out what is going on.

 Warning lights on ?

We can carry out a diagnostic check on your vehicle at any time. You don’t need to wait till the lights are on. With dealer level equipment we can check this any time. Waiting for DPF faults can cause serious engine damage. And of course you don’t need a large bill for your car. We can help by checking the DPF before it gets too bad.

How much does it cost ?

The real answer is not as much as you think. The assessments cost 1 hours labour plus any travel if outside our normal area. When the technician does the assessment he will be able to give you a price for cleaning or any additional work that is required. You can rely on ECS to get you back on the road. To find out more just call or email.


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