DPF cleaning training Scotland


2 day DPF cleaning training scotland


DPF cleaning training Scotland

ECS has provided DPF cleaning training Scotland for quite a while now. With recent changes to social distancing we need to reduce numbers to comply. We have been doing training for various things for the last 20 years. Our training is done in a fixed location here in the north of Scotland in Inverness. With the 2 day course you will be taken through the theory of operation of the DPF. We cover everything you need to know, the do’s and don’ts and also the correct way to do it. During the course you will find out a lot about why our cleaning fluids work, what we use and why.

What will you learn ?

We cover the initial diagnostics, fault finding and how to correctly clean the DPF. You will understand the operation of different types of DPF designs. Our trainers also cover cleaning chemicals and why we use detergent based cleaning. Also we go through the actual operation of how to determine what is wrong and how to correct it. The presentation will cover actual issues caused by incorrect equipment and dispel the myths about DPF cleaning. You will be issued with a certificate on completion of the course for DPF cleaning training Scotland.

What do I need ?

When you book on a course you will be given all the details you need. What you need to do is bring a notepad and pen so you can take notes and also write down any question you have and the answers given. Lunch is provided and so is the tea and coffee for breaks. You may need to provide any accommodation if you are travelling.

How and when ?

In order to run a course at our fixed locations we require a minimum of 5 people to book. Also this is a 2 day course When we have more than this we have more trainers. This keeps the classes a nice size and not too big. We offer training all year round , however we do find the courses become booked early in the winter months. So make sure you get yours’s booked early to avoid disappointment. If you don’t want to travel we do also offer training anywhere in the UK. However you should remember that this does incur higher costs so you should get in touch to get a quote for this.

DPF cleaning training scotlandDPF cleaning training

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