Remapping tool / lead


remapping tool / lead with free stage 1 tuning file. terms and conditions apply.

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Remapping tool/ lead

Remapping tool / lead is old school now. However it is still good for a lot of older cars. Compatible with VAG 1.9 tdi, plus lots of other makes and manufacturers vehicles this makes for a cheap and reliable way to remap your vehicle. This remapping tool is the old galletto 1260. A well known older remapping tool / lead the full vehicle list is easy to find on the internet. Where you will see the complete vehicle list and what it’s coverage is.

What else do I need ?

We supply the lead and the operating software. You will need a laptop. This has been tested to work on windows XP,7, 8 and 10 machines, however different specs of machines might encounter issues or be incompatible. Once you have this installed and the driver correctly installed this will be fully working. All you need to do then is connect to a compatible vehicle, make the correct selections on the software and read the vehicles software. This is then ready to be modified yourself or you can get a mod file from any source you wish. We can even provide you with a tuned file if you want from as little as £30 vehicle dependant.

Remap files

How to get your remap files ? Well you can get these from any preferred source or indeed we can write files for you. We offer remap file service using genuine WinOLS file writing software. All our files are written by either of our 2 file writers in house.

What do I get ?

With the supplied remapping tool / lead plus operating software you get a bonus. Yes you might find this product cheaper but there is something else you get. Once you have you tool when you read the file from the car just email it to us and we will provide a stage 1 tune free of charge.

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