Carbon Cleaning Machine Fluid

We sell our specialist carbon cleaning machine fluid for our own carbon cleaning machines. We developed our very own carbon cleaning machine fluid back in 2002 which has now got 11 chemicals in it. The fluid has a mix of chemicals which lasts for a long time in our machines due to the way in which it is used, but mainly due to the technology in our machines. In normal use you can top up the tanks on the machines with just distilled water. However this will dilute the fluid strength over time. We always suggest an annual service and change of fluid to maintain the best performance. Our non corrosive electrolyte and detergent chemicals used are the best by design.

How much fluid will I need

Our machines will use less than 1 litre per year. Although this is dependant on use and temperature etc. If you decide you want us to do a full service on the machine we always supply new fluid with a service.

Will this work in any machine

The ECS carbon cleaning machine fluid is a detergent based fluid. Our fluid will only work as expected in our range of carbon cleaning machines. Only use this fluid in HDP 8000 mk1,mk2,mk3,mk4 or mk5. Please note is can also be used in ECS 6C Pro machines. However we can manufacture fluid for other machines in any quantity from 1 litre bottles to 1000 litre IBC palletised containers.
For more information or to purchase just email to or give us a call. Bulk purchases please call first. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS FLUID IS NOT SUITABLE FOR USE IN OTHER MANUFACTURERS MACHINES AND WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE.

We supply fluid to companies that have bought a machine from us or one of our distributors only. Fluid is supplied in 1 litre bottles.

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Carbon Cleaning machine fluid

ECS HDP 8000mk5

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ECS 6C Pro Carbon Cleaning Machine

The ECS 6C Pro carbon cleaning machine is here. This is our latest development using our extensive experience over the last 30 years. The ECS 6C Pro is our most advanced portable 12v engine carbon cleaner yet. Fully tested, CE approved and built here in the UK. A quality product for professional use.


  • 12v DC powered from subject vehicle.
  • Fully portable.
  • Height 500mm.
  • Width 310mm.
  • Depth 230mm.
  • Weight 11.5kg (including packaging 12.5kg).

Safety features

  • Engine capacity working range – 49cc – 8000cc petrol or diesel engines.
  • Automatic timer shutdown (60minutes) per treatment.
  • Can be stopped at any point for shorter treatments.
  • Intelligent safety control.
  • Protection from high temperature and incorrect polarity.
  • Protection from low ambient temperature start up.
  • Low current consumption from vehicle (max 9 amps).
  • Hydrogen gas produced at 6 – 50 litres / minute for chemical transport.
  • Detergent based cleaning chemicals for safe use atomised for low consumption.

What you get

  • Low cost per operation.
  • Safe operation. Treatments can be repeated back to back.
  • Simple to use.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • Annual servicing provided by ECS Ltd includes further 12 months warranty.
  • Back up and support is provided free.
  • Adding to our website national dealer locator for direct contact by customers for free.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.

ECS 6C Pro Carbon Cleaning Machine

How to order your ECS 6C Pro carbon cleaning machine

We manufacture the ECS 6C Pro carbon cleaning machines here in the UK. All machines are available from stock. Each machine goes through a 6 hour test process. We are well known in the industry for our reliable machines but for piece of mind our warranty offers you further backup. Furthermore we offer telephone support and training for those new to carbon cleaning.  To get a thoroughly tested and CE approved machine then you can contact us direct or go to our approved distributors. For more information please email to


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ECS carbon cleaning machine

ECS carbon cleaning machine is a new portable carbon cleaning machine. Developed and built specifically using the ECS “snail shell” fuel cell. This is simple no fuss carbon cleaning machine with no adjustments to make. In addition to this we also use the famous cleaning power of the ECS cleaning fluid. Not just an electrolyte but special cleaning chemicals mixed to maximise the cleaning ability.

ECS AC portable machine

The ECS carbon cleaning machine is designed to have a low power consumption using 240v AC. No more than 400w of power is required (usually runs at around 60-120w). This can be achieved easily by using an invertor in van and there is no requirement for a generator. Since 2016 many vehicles have been produced with smart charging. This means that the vehicle battery voltage is often too low for our 12v machines. Hence the change to 240v machines.

What comes with the carbon cleaning machine ?

As with all our machines the ECS carbon cleaning machine comes with everything you need. Just supply a power source and your good to go. You will get the power lead, output hose, fluid pre installed and of course the machine itself. All our machines go through several stages before being dispatched. Quality control is a 3 stage process and the machine also gets fully bench tested and pre delivery inspection before it is sent out. This guarantee’s the product will arrive ready to work.

Payment options

Buying the ECS carbon cleaning machine couldn’t be easier. The price is very competitive at only £795 you will have a few options. Our website offers all payments to be accepted using PayPal. At checkout you can use any card to make the payment or you will have the option to make 3 monthly payments of £265 per month through PayPal. Just follow the simple steps to complete your purchase.

Product information

This machine has been developed to offer a simple to use machine with low cost in mind. No controls or adjustments to make just one on/off switch. Connect the hose to the vehicles air intake after the MAF sensor, start the vehicle and start the machine. We offer various levels of training by qualified instructors and also demo’s of the full range of machines and products. Note the colour of the gas output hose is currently blue but may change. If you require a specific colour please let us know.

Need something bigger for workshop use then take a look here ECS online shop

ECS 6C Pro Carbon Cleaning Machine

Want the best DPF cleaning fluid then look here

ECS Carbon Cleaning Machine

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ECS DPF & Inlet cleaning gun UK

Here at ECS we offer our ECS DPF & Inlet cleaning gun. This high quality DPF cleaning gun comes with accessories required for proper DPF cleaning on all vehicles. You can use our ECS Ultimate DPF fluid with this product. Our DPF cleaning gun requires the use of an air compressor set to 4 – 5bar maximum pressure. In combination with our ECS Ultimate DPF cleaning fluid you will be able to carry out DPF cleaning with ease.

Does it work with other fluids ?

Yes our DPF cleaning gun will work with all proprietary cleaning fluids on the market today. We have a great product that is sometimes hard to find but we have these made specially for us. Although made to our specification we are confident that you will find this DPF cleaning gun a good quality addition to your tooling. For a professional DPF cleaning business you need the best tools. At ECS we have the best tools and the best DPF cleaning fluid for any professional business. Look out for our new product Diesel EGR & Inlet manifold cleaning fluid. Specially formulatedto be use with this cleaning gun.

What else do I need ?

As mentioned you need an air compressor and the ability to set it to have an output pressure of between 4 – 5 bar.  In addition we recommend our ECS Ultimate DPF cleaning fluid. Our cleaning fluid is one of the best in the business with years of testing and blended here in Scotland. As a result our Ultimate DPF cleaning fluid is available from stock and doesn’t have any import charges as it is made in Aberdeen by us. All our products are high quality and reasonably priced. This makes ECS the place to come for DPF cleaning products in the UK.

How to buy products

Buying our products is really easy. Simply go to our online shop here on our website and add to basket all the products you need. Our shop is online, safe and easy. All orders are processed quickly and sent out using tracked services. Check out our other products and if you need any help get in touch and one of our trained staff will be happy to assist you.

ECS better by design.

DPF cleaning gun

Check for new products like our Diesel EGR & Inlet cleaning fluid here at


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ECS Ultimate DPF cleaning fluid

Here at Engine Carbon Solutions we have our own blend of DPF cleaning fluid. This is a 2 stage process using 2 different fluids. Firstly we use our active foam pre soak fluid. Then our special flush fluid.  This is put into the DPF on the vehicle using any air operated spray gun or any DPF cleaning machine. Our fluid is removing both carbon/ soot and ash deposits. A very cost effective fluid. Each fluid pack does 5 vehicles so only £30 per vehicle. We can make this for any company in bulk quantities if required. Just get in touch by email to discuss your requirements.

How DPF cleaning fluid is used

We use 1 litre of this fluid and once in we let is soak in for 15-20 mins. After the soak we run the engine at 2000 rpm while putting in the stage 2 fluid. Then we use the stage 2 fluid called the rinse agent this removes the soot / carbon and ash content plus the foam to leave the DPF clean. After a full regeneration by diagnostics is done the car is now ready to go back on the road. We have used this fluid now for over 10 years and find it excellent. You will require an air compressor and other equipment to use this system. In addition you will also require to use this product in accordance with local HSE guidance. This will include proper disposal of waste products and exhaust gas extraction / filtering equipment.

How is this supplied ?

Our fluid pack contains 5 litres of each fluid and will clean 5 vehicles and is suitable for cars, vans, tractors, trucks , buses and excavators. We sell the fluid packs in single 10 litre fluid packs or bulb. Price is dependant on order quantity. Our maximum tank size is 1000 litres of each fluid. Furthermore this can be delivered direct to you from our Aberdeen depot. We can also make this for any company with your own details on the packs. To discuss your requirements just drop us an email to Insist on original ECS ultimate DPF cleaning fluid.


Please use our products in compliance with local HSE regulations. Always use a suitable container to collect the output from the exhaust and dispose of this waste responsibly. We advise the use of exhaust gas extraction with filtering while carrying out the regeneration process.

ECS Ultimate DPF cleaning fluid

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