Engine Carbon Cleaning

Engine Carbon Cleaning

At ECS, we specialize in engine carbon cleaning. Since our inception in 1987, we’ve gained extensive knowledge in this field, including the production of our own equipment. This expertise enables us to offer superior service to our customers. Carbon cleaning your vehicle’s engine can significantly reduce carbon buildup and the problems associated with it. However, it’s not a cure-all and won’t resolve mechanical or electrical issues. Our detergent-based cleaning process is safe and can be performed as frequently as desired. The standard duration for this service is one hour.

That sounds like a fantastic service! How often do you recommend customers get their engines cleaned to maintain optimal performance?

Mobile Carbon Cleaning

Our service can be completed in just one hour, either at our premises, a dealer’s premises, or as a mobile service. We cover an extensive area and collaborate with the trade. With ECS, there’s no concern if your car is in a garage; our 35 years of experience in the trade gives us an advantage. Our mobile service is fully equipped, requiring nothing from you, and the technician can complete the service independently. We also offer discounts for multiple cars, making it a great opportunity to arrange bookings for friends and family.

Carbon Cleaning

Modern engines produce a lot of carbon, which can cause numerous issues, often leading to expensive repairs. Our engine carbon cleaning service uses a detergent-based solution to help remove this buildup. Your vehicle will benefit from improved throttle response, reduced emissions, and many other advantages. Additionally, these costly problems are less likely to occur. Preventative maintenance is crucial for vehicle ownership. Performing this service every 6-12,000 miles is the best and simplest way to care for your engine. Failed an MOT for emissions? Get in touch, and we can usually come to the garage and perform the job there.


In addition to our Facebook and website pages, you can also contact us by phone to make a booking. The process is straightforward. Consult with our dedicated and knowledgeable team to determine if engine carbon cleaning is suitable for you. Additionally, we can guide you on the most appropriate course of action. You can trust that ECS will consistently make the right decision.

engine carbon cleaning

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