DPF Cleaning UK

DPF Cleaning UK

DPF Cleaning fluids are used to reduce carbon and ash build up and also lower emissions. We have our own R&D facility to allow us to fully test our products prior to launching them and to ensure we offer the best products every time. Want a demo of our range of products then just get in touch. From our base in Aberdeenshire we can provide the correct solution for your garage.

DPF Cleaning UK Dealer Network

To find DPF cleaning UK and in order to assist customers we have a growing dealer network throughout the UK who enjoy the ease of use and reliability of our equipment. Engine problems that relate to carbon build up can offer be fixed by cleaning. Our machines use a detergent based solution to do this. We sell to trade customers like garages, mobile technicians and wholesale partners alike. We have a growing dealer network of professionals in the UK. To find out more please feel free to contact us direct.

ECS Ultimate DPF Cleaning Fluid

We also have our own ECS Ultimate DPF cleaning fluid available only for trade use. ECS fluid is blended by us and made here in Scotland UK and is the Ultimate fluid for the job. Have a garage or do DPF cleaning then we can provide fluid at a very cost effective price. Our Ultimate DPF cleaning fluid is compatible with all on vehicle cleaning machines and also all DPF’s from cars to trucks and excavators. Want to find out more then just email our sales team. Join our network now !

ECS Dealer network

We have a DPF Cleaning UK wide network of emission specialists ready to help. If you are a garage and want to join our network then call or email now. No monthly fees, no marketing charges and no commitments, just simply purchase the equipment and any training you need. Furthermore we can offer you all the help and backup to get you going and keep you at the top of your game.

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Since 1989 we have provided the best quality products. Insist on ECS genuine products. 

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Engine Carbon Cleaning UK ECS carbon cleaning machine  

Our low emissions retro fit system for vehicles has been proven to lower CO,CO2 and NOx. A ground breaking device and the first device to be proven.                                                                  

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