Engine Carbon Cleaning Trucks


Original price was: £299.99.Current price is: £199.99.

Engine carbon cleaning for trucks and buses. Mobile service covering Scotland.


Engine Carbon Cleaning for Trucks / Buses

We offer a mobile engine carbon cleaning for trucks / buses that can come to your home or place of work. It’s that easy. If your looking to get your car, van, truck or bus engine carbon cleaned then just get in touch. We offer competitive rates with multi vehicle discounts and also offer a price match with any legitimate registered UK company. With over 30 years in this business we offer a trustworthy and reliable service. With our national network of dealers we can offer this service all over the UK.

What vehicles do we cover ?

Any vehicle can be done from motorbikes, cars, vans, tractors , trucks , buses, agricultural vehicles, boats and excavators. Even fixed engines for large generators can be done. We have had every type of vehicle over the years. And many of them keep coming back after seeing the benefits for themselves.

What are the costs ?

We have standard charges but as above will offer multi vehicle discounts and price match.
Trucks / Buses – £250  for single vehicles. Reduced to £150 per vehicle for multiples of 5 or more.


Reducing the carbon in an engine has many benefits. Such as reducing expensive component failure. Reducing your emissions and even improving efficiency.  Improved running including smoother idle is what our customers comment about plus an improved throttle response.  Some garages have seen improved compression ratios after doing before and after compression tests. Also we have seen customers doing before and after dynamometer runs to prove power and torque improvements. This is something we have also seen during our years of testing. However our customers don’t need all these types of testing just simply drive your vehicle and you will see for yourself.
Want 2 or more vehicle done then just phone free on 0800 774 7134.
All other vehicles just get in touch.

mobile engine carbon cleaning for trucks

Engine Carbon Cleaning



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