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ECS DPF & Inlet cleaning gun with accessories.

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ECS DPF & Inlet cleaning gun UK

Here at ECS we offer our ECS DPF & Inlet cleaning gun. This high quality DPF cleaning gun comes with accessories required for proper DPF cleaning on all vehicles. You can use our ECS Ultimate DPF fluid with this product. Our DPF cleaning gun requires the use of an air compressor set to 4 – 5bar maximum pressure. In combination with our ECS Ultimate DPF cleaning fluid you will be able to carry out DPF cleaning with ease.

Does it work with other fluids ?

Yes our DPF cleaning gun will work with all proprietary cleaning fluids on the market today. We have a great product that is sometimes hard to find but we have these made specially for us. Although made to our specification we are confident that you will find this DPF cleaning gun a good quality addition to your tooling. For a professional DPF cleaning business you need the best tools. At ECS we have the best tools and the best DPF cleaning fluid for any professional business. Look out for our new product Diesel EGR & Inlet manifold cleaning fluid. Specially formulatedto be use with this cleaning gun.

What else do I need ?

As mentioned you need an air compressor and the ability to set it to have an output pressure of between 4 – 5 bar.  In addition we recommend our ECS Ultimate DPF cleaning fluid. Our cleaning fluid is one of the best in the business with years of testing and blended here in Scotland. As a result our Ultimate DPF cleaning fluid is available from stock and doesn’t have any import charges as it is made in Aberdeen by us. All our products are high quality and reasonably priced. This makes ECS the place to come for DPF cleaning products in the UK.

How to buy products

Buying our products is really easy. Simply go to our online shop here on our website and add to basket all the products you need. Our shop is online, safe and easy. All orders are processed quickly and sent out using tracked services. Check out our other products and if you need any help get in touch and one of our trained staff will be happy to assist you.

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DPF cleaning gun

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