Carbon Cleaning Machine Fluid



Carbon Cleaning Machine Fluid

We sell our specialist carbon cleaning machine fluid for our own carbon cleaning machines. We developed our very own carbon cleaning machine fluid back in 2002 which has now got 11 chemicals in it. The fluid has a mix of chemicals which lasts for a long time in our machines due to the way in which it is used, but mainly due to the technology in our machines. In normal use you can top up the tanks on the machines with just distilled water. However this will dilute the fluid strength over time. We always suggest an annual service and change of fluid to maintain the best performance. Our non corrosive electrolyte and detergent chemicals used are the best by design.

How much fluid will I need

Our machines will use less than 1 litre per year. Although this is dependant on use and temperature etc. If you decide you want us to do a full service on the machine we always supply new fluid with a service.

Will this work in any machine

The ECS carbon cleaning machine fluid is a detergent based fluid. Our fluid will only work as expected in our range of carbon cleaning machines. Only use this fluid in HDP 8000 mk1,mk2,mk3,mk4 or mk5. Please note is can also be used in ECS 6C Pro machines. However we can manufacture fluid for other machines in any quantity from 1 litre bottles to 1000 litre IBC palletised containers.
For more information or to purchase just email to or give us a call. Bulk purchases please call first. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS FLUID IS NOT SUITABLE FOR USE IN OTHER MANUFACTURERS MACHINES AND WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE.

We supply fluid to companies that have bought a machine from us or one of our distributors only. Fluid is supplied in 1 litre bottles.
Contact us with your requirements.

Carbon Cleaning machine fluid

ECS HDP 8000mk5

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