ECS Carbon cleaning machine


ECS Carbon Cleaning Machine


ECS carbon cleaning machine

The ECS carbon cleaning machine is a novel, portable device designed with the unique ECS “snail shell” fuel cell. It’s a straightforward, hassle-free carbon cleaning machine that requires no adjustments. Moreover, it utilizes the renowned ECS cleaning fluid, which is not merely an electrolyte but a blend of special cleaning chemicals formulated to enhance the cleaning process.

ECS AC portable machine

The ECS carbon cleaning machine is designed to have a low power consumption using 240v AC. No more than 400w of power is required (usually runs at around 60-120w). This can be achieved easily by using an invertor in van and there is no requirement for a generator. Since 2016 many vehicles have been produced with smart charging. This means that the vehicle battery voltage is often too low for our 12v machines. Hence the change to 240v machines.

What comes with the carbon cleaning machine ?

As with all our machines the ECS carbon cleaning machine comes with everything you need. Just supply a power source and your good to go. You will get the power lead, output hose, fluid pre installed and of course the machine itself. All our machines go through several stages before being dispatched. Quality control is a 3 stage process and the machine also gets fully bench tested and pre delivery inspection before it is sent out. This guarantee’s the product will arrive ready to work.

Payment options

Buying the ECS carbon cleaning machine couldn’t be easier. The price is very competitive at only £795 you will have a few options. Our website offers all payments to be accepted using PayPal. At checkout you can use any card to make the payment or you will have the option to make 3 monthly payments of £265 per month through PayPal. Just follow the simple steps to complete your purchase.

Product information

This machine has been developed to offer a simple to use machine with low cost in mind. No controls or adjustments to make just one on/off switch. Connect the hose to the vehicles air intake after the MAF sensor, start the vehicle and start the machine. We offer various levels of training by qualified instructors and also demo’s of the full range of machines and products. Note the colour of the gas output hose is currently blue but may change. If you require a specific colour please let us know.

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