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Thanks for using our contact us – Engine Carbon Solutions page. We are the premier company in the UK for engine carbon cleaning machines and DPF cleaning fluid. At ECS we believe we have everything you need under one roof to get you off to a great start. Our team have over 30 years in the business. As a result we have lots of experience and our technology is now the best in the business. Did you know we started back in 1989 and are the longest running business in this field in the UK ? Because we are a  small family business we have done everything possible to do the best we can and provide the best products and service to you our customers.

ECS products

ECS products are all our own design and are fully manufactured in the UK. We offer everything you need in house such as products, training and warranty. Because we continually test and improve our products to be the best available. So all our new and used engine carbon cleaning machines come with our comprehensive 2 year warranty. In addition we also offer ECS Dealer plus which is free. And this gives fixed price carbon cleaning machine repairs for life. Yet another reason to choose ECS for all your needs. So we don’t just sell we look after our customers the old way.

Other products

In addition to the carbon cleaning machines we also produce ECS Ultimate DPF cleaning fluid which has been proven to be among the best available. Because we blend this ourselves means we can ensure it is evolving to work with the latest DPF’s. ECS Ultimate DPF fluid works on all vehicle types from cars to heavy excavators. So our product is available direct only in various sizes from a 5 vehicle pack to 1000 litre IBC. And furthermore we have lots of positive testing with main manufacturers. As a result we can continue to provide the best products for you.

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To find out more feel free to have a look through our website and if you have any questions our dedicated team will be happy to help you. All our products are available on our online shop here Online Shop. Or for bigger orders just get in touch. In addition you can contact us here – Engine Carbon Solutions page.

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