About Engine Carbon Solutions

About Engine Carbon Solutions.

Although we are a small family company we design and manufacture engine carbon cleaning machines and other products to reduce carbon build up and lower emissions here in the UK based in Aberdeenshire Scotland. We have our own factory and R&D facility to ensure we offer the best products every time. There is a lot more to learn about Engine Carbon Solutions as we have been in business since 1989.

Furthermore we have a growing dealer network throughout the UK who enjoy the ease of use and reliability of our equipment. Selling to retail customers like garages, mobile technicians and wholesale partners alike. To find out more please feel free to contact us direct.


  • Restore lost power.
  • Improve combustion efficiency.
  • Smoother idle.
  • Reduce costly repairs caused by carbon build up.
  • Better acceleration.
  • Available for any petrol or diesel engine vehicles.
  • Both 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines can be done.
  • Even carburettor engines can be done.

About Engine Carbon Solutions and Low Emission Technologies

We specialise in low emission engine technologies. This comprises of engine carbon cleaning to reduce carbon in the engine and also carbon related issues to components. We also do various permanent solutions to reduce carbon build up and reduce emissions. We also design and build here in the UK a range of engine carbon cleaning machines which we have been doing since 1989. Over the years we have done a lot of testing and proving of these solutions and even our own vehicles are testimony to these technologies. We now have proof that our low emissions technology works as tested on both 5 gas analyser and particulate matter counter. This proves that not only does it reduce CO, CO2 but also NOx gases.

ECS Ultimate DPF cleaning fluid

Here at ECS we have blended and produce our very own DPF cleaning fluid. This has taken some time to get just right. Our fluid works on all DPF’s on every size of vehicle and is we believe the best on the market. Keeping the price down is difficult but we are more than 40% less than our nearest competitor. This coupled with the fact it works very well means we have another home grown produce. In conclusion we offer the best products and service in the UK.

About Engine Carbon SolutionsECS Ultimate DPF fluid


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