ECS HDP 8000 mk6


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ECS HDP 8000 mk6


ECS HDP 8000 mk6

The ECS HDP 8000 mk6 carbon cleaning machine is a 12v portable device designed to service all engines up to 8000cc. It utilizes our patented fluid, which is a standard feature across our entire range of machines, enhancing their performance and guaranteeing a thorough clean without causing any damage to the engine. The mk6 is the evolution of our HDP 8000 series of machines first produced in 1989.

What vehicles does the HDP 8000 mk6 do ?

ECS HDP 8000 mk6 will work on all petrol and diesel engines even hybrid. Engine sizes from 50cc to 8000cc is recommended. However you can work on larger engines with an increased operation time. The ECS HDP 8000 series of machines are 12v dc and can be connected to a suitable vehicle or power supply. This makes it an excellent machine for mobile use and can be powered from a service van for instance. Ease of use and reliability has been designed in all our machines since 1989.

Do I need anything to use this machine ?

All ECS carbon cleaning machines are shipped with power cables, gas output hoses and of course our patented fluid. The only thing that is needed is a power source and this can be from the subject vehicle. You will also get a machine that has undergone several test processes here at ECS HQ. This makes sure that once it arrives it’s ready to go to work.

Is there a warranty ?

Yes. All ECS products have a warranty. Our ECS HDP 8000 mk6 machines come with 6 months warranty as standard which can be upgraded at the time of purchase. But don’t worry if you decide not to get the extended warranty straight away. We are able to offer warranty on our machines at any age. There is a free health check to be completed here at the ECS HQ workshop. After which you can add additional warranty.

Can I trade a machine in ?

Yes we offer a trade in service. Our policy is to have you send the machine in to us for a health check and valuation. Once completed we can then offer you a price against our equipment. Should you decide not to trade it in there is a small workshop charge. Furthermore we take any carbon cleaning machine against our own products.

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ECS HDP 8000 mk6

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